Accreditation Level

Mentor Characteristics

All levels must have good overall business knowledge & skills

Area of work as a mentor recommended by J2Ex Program

Senior Mentor

Level 2

(Above this is Master Mentor, a person also fully qualified as an EFQM Assessor)

·   Long and very good track record in senior mgmt. and as an entrepreneur.

·   Excellent command of all concepts introduced in J2Ex Strategic Alignment and Take Charge of Your Business workshops.

·   Highly reliable, responsible and accountable.

·   Excellent communication skills, written and spoken.

·   A role model for role models: able to mentor other mentors.

·   SMME mentoring - also at regional level

·   May also mentor larger companies

·   Work at all strategic levels: strategic, tactical, operational

·   Backstopping of mentors level 3 and 4

·   Leads "Mentor Circle" peer meeting/training sessions


Level 3


·   Good track record in senior management and as an entrepreneur.

·   Good command of all concepts introduced in the "Take Charge of Your Business" Workshop.

·   Highly reliable, responsible & accountable.

·   Good comm. skills, written and spoken.

·   Mentoring of SMMEs in Botswana

·   Work at all strategic levels: strategic (potentially with backstopping), tactical, operational