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Take Charge of Your Life!

How to prepare

· Consider your own personal vision, mission and values

· Research and bring information about trends and developments in your areas of interest

· Know what your competition is up to!

· Bring along a pencil, sharpener and rubber

· Dress comfortably


“J2Ex… enables you to make what seemed impossible or difficult become reality.”

Jacob T. Hamutenya

Student, University of Namibia

A dream is just a dream.

A vision is a dream with a plan.

A goal is a dream

with a plan and a deadline.

Make sure you don’t just dream your life away.  Learn to clearly envision what you want to achieve, and then formulate goals and plans that will take you there.


The 2 day Take Charge of Your Life! Workshop is for people who want to take charge of their lives by developing a focused plan for achieving their dreams.

Do you just dream, or do you plan and make things happen in a focused way?

In the Take Charge! workshop, you will take time out to consider what you really want to achieve in life, and how you intend to turn your dreams into reality.

In the workshop, you will

· formulate your professional aspirations and dreams into your personal vision,

· consider what you are doing, & what you could be doing, to make them happen,

· examine the moral and ethical framework within which you (want to) live and work,

·  reflect on the needs, wants and expectations of your stakeholders, and how you can best balance them in your life,

· identify factors critical to your success,

· formulate concrete goals,

· develop strategies and action plans to achieve them.

Case studies

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